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… Michelle Dewkett for speaking out on global warming. I watched her interview on FOX and Friends this morning. Thumb s down to Rhinebeck High School for not providing the truth or at the very least a balanced look at this issue. Parents, students, please comment here. I agree 100% with Michelle’s view that climate has been changing since the beginning of our earth and despite what the alarmists say will continue until the end. I would like to have Michelle write an article to place here and on my other sites with her views on global warming. I would appreciate any Rhinebeck students doing so.

I commend Michelle for speaking out. On my Rhinebeck, NY site comments have been very much in favor of Michelle. She stood up and won’t have to stand down. Let’s say way to go Michelle. I will forward to the Rhinebeck Central School the response to her stand.

Bob A.

Sean Hannity interviews Sarah Palin on Obama’s socialist administration: “We Told Ya So”

Sarah Palin On Obama’s Disastrous Economics: “We Told Ya So

It is always refreshing to hear Governor Palin talk. She talks plain, clear and straight. She speaks in a manner     that is  not generally heard from politicians. One can only hope in 2012 we have President Sarah Palin. Thanks to Chrissie over at Theodore’s World for posting the second clip. Visit her site and read her fine post on that interview.

Bob A.