The Sarah Palin game plan I clearly see is to gather together the millions upon millions upon millions of independent thinking grass roots voters from across party lines and from across the country and focus them on key issues and on electing the candidates who will do the job the Independent Thinking American Majority Demands that they do.

Obama woke them up with a bucket of Cold Water in their Faces… over $2 Trillion Deficit Dollars worth of Cold Water with full intentions of Taxing the Cap & Trade out of them while ruining the American Health Care System with a Government Owned and Operated Health Scare System that will bankrupt the country while destroying the existing quality and timeliness of health care today.

Now that they are awake, Sarah will show the way to defeating the Socialists who would dare to destroy our Country and Society.

Bow Down To Obama?
Bow Down To Socialism?


I Don’t Think So!



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