PRESS RELEASE: March 24, 2009 Contact: Linda Kellen Biegel 907-830-9458

Linda Kellen Biegel, better known as blogger “Celtic Diva,” is filing an ethics complaint with the Attorney General today against Governor Sarah Palin. The complaint alleges a conflict of interest when Governor Palin wore specially designed snow-machine gear advertising her husband Todd’s biggest Iron Dog sponsor, Arctic Cat Inc. She did so while acting in her official capacity as Governor of the State of Alaska and official starter of the Iron Dog Snow Machine Race.

Not only was she well aware that there would be extensive Alaska media coverage, the Palins also knew that international magazine Sports Illustrated was coming to do a story on Todd.Read her post in entirety here.

This seems to be a predominantly anti Governor Palin site. Take a visit and post a comment. I visited and registered and below is my response:

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Perhaps your time might be better spent focusing on the ethics of Senator’s Dodd and Frank.
By your logic Obama’s playing basketball 1 on 1 with a SI senior writer could be seen as an endorsement of Sports Illustrated as the photos are there to be licensed for a fee.
The things a man must do to become president: Dec. 17, 7:43 a.m.: Barack Obama arrives at a Spencer, Iowa, YMCA for a one-on-one basketball game against SI senior writer S.L. Price. Obama notes the red-white and blue ball’s resemblance to his campaign logo, the only time he makes mention of the looming Iowa caucuses. This was a quote from the SI site.


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