At 5:52pm on January 3, 2009, Mary said…
Greetings from CT, Bob!I’m trying to contact as many Team Sarah New York members as I can. We have about 50 in our Connecticut for Sarah group, and we are pledging to contact many TS members, every day . Each of us will select a different state. If we are successful, we might be able to contact most of the current Team Sarah enrollment. As SMITH explores the realm of possibilities, he has concluded that a Campaign Club for Sarah might be a bold way to motivate everyone involved with Team Sarah. So, he and his brain-trust, Gina, started the Team Sarah Group, $AVINGS 4 $ARAH. You can find us @ We strongly urge everyone who supports and defends Sarah to make a small sacrifice each week for a cause worthy of the American spirit. This is how it works. We take a shoebox or piggy bank, decorate it if we like, label it with a nickname maybe, and donate just $2 every week. The way SMITH has it figured, that’s about $325 in 3 years. If just 100,000 people comply, over $30 million might be raised for Sarah’s run in 2012. If you can afford more than $2, by all means do it. You may also wish to make it a family project.

SMITH is a BIG thinker, however. He likes seven-figured numbers. He envisions 1 million donors saving $300 million and possibly even 3 million or more collecting almost 1 Billion Dollar$ for Sarah.

Barack Obama amassed $650 million for his campaign by establishing a broad base of small donors early-on. He was able to return to them over and over for additional funding whenever he needed. Well, my friends in New York, we can do the very same thing and more!!

We are ardent supporters of Sarah Palin. She has shown an abundance of True Grit as well as displaying a parabolic learning curve. The future may look bleak at times, but we are Americans, and no task is too difficult to accomplish if we all pull together.

Please pass this email along to your friends as a recruiting tool to gain more members for all the Team Sarah groups. This is totally a grass roots effort.. Let’s show the party bosses and stuffed-shirt elites in Washington that WE THE PEOPLE still have clout!

Visit Team Sarah and let’s start yesterday.