Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Bob, I lived in Anchorage from ‘75 -’95, we fought tooth and claw to get the capitol moved to the population center so the people could access it, Sarah has done that by example. she has ‘availed’ herself, something that previous governors refused to do. Most of the government building are leased – from former politicians like Walter Hickle, Ted Stevens, etc. who own blocks of property in both Juneau and Anchorage. Chicago has it’s corrupt, Alaska got their carpetbaggers. – Jack

Alaska government migrates to the north

Capital shift?

Alaskans have argued for generations over the location of the state capital, about access and power and the weather in Juneau. But in just two years, and with hardly any debate, Gov. Sarah Palin has shifted the center of state government to Anchorage. Read the story here.

Thanks to our friend Jack for bringing this to us. Thanks Jack, Bob A.

Once again Governor Palin shows that she does not follow the establishment, does not follow the pack. This is the person we need leading this country. Not Obama who is only transferring the dirty Chicago style politics to Washington DC only increasing the stench of unsavory politicians. Get behind Sarah Palin for president in 2012.

Published on Monday, December 15, 2008 10:25 PM AKST Given current national circumstances, watching voters turn away from the kind of leader we so desperately need is as sobering an event as the Alaska winter must be. Nevertheless, you ran an electrifying campaign under restrained and difficult circumstances. While your running mate garnered his comeuppance, you’ve energized conservatives throughout this land. There are tens of millions of Palinites out here very eager to do something.

Ominously, this election demonstrated that the Democrat machine has come to mimic the old U.S.S.R., in that it now reserves unto itself the right to lie, to cheat and to commit any act to further its own ends. Democrat tactics were on full display this time: American electoral probity be darned. There was voter registration fraud, ballot fraud, bureaucratic corruption, media malfeasance and ballot-count manipulation. They likely took millions in illegal donations, talked the economy downward and fiddled with the stock market too. It was a perfect feast of “coincidences” for them. While most Democrats are misguided, some are plainly evil.

Democrats and too many Republicans are now running this train on the same track in the same direction, which makes any operational differences inconsequential and moot. Liberalism would have nothing to plunder if conservatism did not build it first. It’s past time for prudent conservatives to get real. Read the entire letter.  Source.

I ran across this posted at our friends at Good Time Politics. It is from the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman. There is a link in my blogroll. Let’s get behind Governor Sarah Palin. Help get the word out. The media will not do it, they still seem hell bent on destroying her.

Bob A.